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About the Website

We have decided to change the emphasis on the 1998 edition of the Grigg Walch Family Tree website with the new 2003 rebuild.

We have kept the photographs of the 1955 celebration of Ruby Jessie Walch's 70th Birthday and of course the early memories of the second generation. We have dropped the photos of the younger generations as they became embarrasing for the young as they grew up.

We would like to include new photographs of the Mallee and would like you all to send some. (If you send them digitally please send them at a high resolution, we also have a scanner so the origional hard copy phtos are good. Printed images are not suitable as they invariably scan poorly). In the meantime there are some lovely Mallee photos of Pine Plains on the Image Tour at  

We have password protected the addresses, phone numbers and other details of family members including their e-mail addresses and I have added all children that were born since 1990 as they may want to contact cousins of a similiar age. This is a secure downloadable excel file, the login instructions are on the Family Contacts page. Please e-mail for your username and password.

Family news can be quickly added by going to the family News Notice Board. This is in a threaded message board format so you can reply to a specific message or post a new thread/topic. Please also use the notice board to give us feedback.

I am happy to add any information that you have on family members and to keep the tree current also thought  could be used as a family exchange of skills.

David Grigg has been the prime mover in keeping the Family Tree up to date with his great work with births, deaths, marriages and other events occuring in such a large far flung family.

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