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If you are planning on a trip to Patchewollock either for the reunion or any other time of the year we suggest that you stay at the Pine Plains Lodge.

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A note from John Barton who found the Grigg Walch Family Tree on the web

I'll try to name the people as I knew them when I lived there. I'm afraid  I didn't know there original names of the girls, maybe Grigg I think. 
From left to right. Mat Walch, Mrs. J O'Sullivan, Bill Darley, the boy I don't know, (maybe, Mat Walch's Son), Mrs Gillespie and Jack Hulland. Bill Darley , My Uncle settled in Baring round that era and was responsible for creating the first school in there. Lyn Torney, my Cousin may be able to verify that as she has a booklet containing the details. Bill had a very happy character and his blindness in one eye was caused from a pen which fell from the kitchen table he was lying under when he was four years old. Charles Darley, who took the photo had returned from France and Belgium where he was a machine gunner in WW1. The other people you will obviously know about. If there is any more you know about the people in the photo, I would love to hear from you. I'm please that the paddock is still known as Darley's Paddock. I'm hoping to get down to Victoria sometime, I live in Queensland now. I had a minor stroke which has prevented me from driving too far, but I feel much better of late and am looking forward to getting about more. My wife is retiring soon so we'll be much more free to travel.
All The Best

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