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Anna Walch

Dear Nanna,

You died with no expectance.

It took me a while to accept the tragic loss I had have to deal with. I wish I had spent more time with you and treasured more the time that I did have with you. 

I pity Sacha and Anastacia for not getting to know their Nanna as much as I did, and I envy Samantha for getting to share most of her life with you.

Ive always known you to be smiling and laughing nearly all the time.

You make everyone around you brighten up with a smile on your face, and to have witnessed that more then once I thank-you.

Now I shall quit with the mourning and the sadness of your passing.

For this should be a celebration of your long and beautiful life, and not the mourning of you leaving us.

So let us not be depressed and cry, let us smile and have fun, for our family is together for one single purpose.

And that is to celebrate that Nanna has touched all of us and we should be happy for that, not sad.


Love Anna


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