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Simon Strauss

Una epitomised the strength and determination of Australia's dry land farming women. Her ability to cope with adversity and make the most of all that came to her should be a lesson to us all. Una built something quite rare; a happy harmonious family. If we are to be judged by what we achieve then Una achieved much more than most. When I watched her family come together on many happy occasions I saw a family in harmony. A family without a ratbag. A family that happily and eagerly accepted new family members, a family that strives to help each other, a family always eager to conquer new frontiers...a family created and nourished by Una.


Una even when very ill minimised her suffering so as to not distress those caring for her and always sought to reassure and brighten the lives of those around her. Watching the love and care Marilyn and Kathryn lavished on Una during her last stay in Queensland when she became very ill was to me a moving experience. To see these powerful dry land women striving in harmony showed me the power of Una's achievement



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