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Susannah Strauss

I cannot remember my first visit to the farm  to Nana and Pa's. But I can be back there in an instant, one whiff of dust and I can be walking through the gates and down the driveway, past the old wooden cart, threw Nana's garden and into her kitchen. Happy times, the fondest memories. Lamb roasts and chocolate cake, learning to drive, dust, quiet sleeps and long chats. Trips to the lake, holidays, roses, shopping, nana's hugs, dry ginger, the outside toilet, galahs, swimming in the dam, Bruce, family and the way she loved us.


I wish I could have been here to say good bye one last time. But with all this, what's the use in good bye?


Anyone could have seen Nana had a love, a passion for life its people, their stories, the excitement of it all. And that certainly has rubbed off on her family. People say the Walch's know how to have fun. And it is definitely true! But we also party as a family. And maybe, this zeal for life and family is Nanas greatest legacy. Its certainly what Ill remember most.


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