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Family Tree

The Grigg-Walch family tree appears in full below. Family members are organised into two tables, the top table outlines the children of Ruby Cram and George Grigg, while the bottom table outlines the children of Ruby Cram and Mathew Walch (click here to go straight to the bottom table). Each column represents one generation of children, and people are listed in rows below their parents. The name of each person links to a page with more details about them.

Children of Ruby Jesse Cram and George Edward Grigg

Second Generation Third Generation Fourth Generation Fifth Generation
Herbert John Grigg married Jean Marie Rhoden Ann Marie Grigg married Ian James McLennan Simon John McLennan married Beth Anna Kneebone Brit Annalise McLennan
      Rory Iain McLennan
    David James McLennan separted Fiona Jane Mangles Sam William McLennan
      Bentley James McLennan
    Ian Nicholas McLennan married Debbie Place Emily Clare McLennan
      Angus James McLennan
    Helen Jean McLennan married Glen Bath (divorced) married Ian Hodgson Elsie Jean Bath
    Colette Ann McLennan
married John Grigg
Lachlan James Grigg
      Allana Ruby Grigg
  Anthony George Grigg married Mary Bernadette Gibson (deceased) Partner Dina Lennon Andrea Marie Grigg
married Mark Magill (separated)
Samuel Alexander Magill
    Cara Jane Grigg  
  David John Grigg married Jeanette Anne Inglis Nigel John Grigg married Michelle Shannon Oscar Herbert Grigg
      Lewis Dean Grigg
      Angus John Grigg
      George Tyler Grigg
    Julian Deane Grigg married Melody Edwardson Indigo Pepper Edwardson Grigg
    Rebecca Ann Grigg married Christos Liatis Katherine Jean Liatis
    Katherine Louise (Kate) Grigg married Ryan Richard Westley Hugh Benjamin Westley
      Liza Jean Westley
  Margaret Jean Grigg married Michael Anthony Forehan Adam John Forehan
married Bonnie Hill
    Simone Marie Forehan married Luca Lombardo Noah Alessandro Lombardo
    Anthony Michael Forehan married Cherie Donna Neal Luke Michael Forehan
      Ashleigh Kate Forehan
    Kate Emma Forehan  
George William Grigg married Janet Aitken Nation Robert William Grigg married Kay Parker (Divorced) married Nina Christensen Janet Margaret Grigg partner of
Gerard Hennicke
Frank Grigg Hennicke
      Grace Ingo Grigg Hennicke
    Elizabeth Ann Grigg  
  Sandra Margaret Grigg married Geoffrey Isherwood Samantha Jane Isherwood married David Farrar William John Farrar
      Lucette May Farrar
    Simon Geoffrey Isherwood married Annette Dolman  
    Justin John Isherwood Christy Lee Isherwood
    Alastair George Isherwood
married Katrina Garvey
  Pauline Elizabeth Grigg married Robert William Weir (died) married Robert John Anderson Denton Gregory James Weir married Cham Nguyen Thi Ngoc Marlo Weir
    Susan Elizabeth Weir  
    Timothy Robert John Denton  
    Courtney Amelia Kenley  
Kenneth Norman Grigg married Rene Gould Kenneth Grigg (deceased) married Joan Somerville    
  Joan Grigg married Geoff Wood (divorced) Peta Grigg  
    Barry Wood (missing)  
    Kym Wood married Craig Gye (divorced) Kathryn Gye
      Daniel Gye
  Desmond Grigg married Judy Greenwood Lex Grigg married Carolyn Satori Jasmin Grigg
      Carl Grigg
      Sasha Grigg
    Neil Grigg married Jillian Fulton Ester Myrah Grigg
      Rueben Grigg
      Greta Grigg
      Archie Grigg
    Ken Grigg  
    Gina Grigg (deceased) Sarah Jane Grigg
  Donald Barry Grigg married Loris Ackland Nathan Barry Grigg married Ruth Valerie Freeman Jeremy Thomas Grigg
      Abigail Patricia Grigg

Cameron Grigg married Jessica Desmond

Hayden Joseph Barry Grigg
  Peter Robert Grigg married Barbara Cutts Marika Grigg  
    Stewart Grigg  
  Sue Grigg married Lance Perryman (divorced) married Harold Reid (divorced) partner John Lamb Kristen Perryman partner of Garry Allen Joseph Allen
      Samuel Allen
    Dana Perryman married Josh Scott-Flemming Addison William Scott-Flemming
      Telsa Scott-Flemming
James Robert Grigg (Bob) married Eileen Lake      
Harold Francis Grigg married Hazel Roberta Brace Kaye Francis Grigg married David Goodman Paul David Goodman
Jasmine Goodman
      Jade Goodman
    Aaron John Goodman  
  Wendy Joan Grigg married Lindsay Wilson Paterson Sean Lindsay Paterson (deceased)
married Elizabeth Anne Pruis
James Shaun Paterson
      Emily Elizabeth Paterson
    Brett Anthony Paterson married Chelsea Grace Paterson
    Gregory Michael Paterson
Christine Domajnko
Thomas Peter Grigg married Lois Nantz Schennesen (died) married Phillis Tonkes Ian David Grigg married April Suzanne Bone

Brianna Clare Grigg
Edward Alexander Hosken

Harley James Hosken
      Isla Jean Hosken

India Helene Grigg partner David Waldren

  Helen Nantz Grigg married Joe Chakman Jessica Nantz Chakman  
    Rachel Lois Chakman  
Arthur Sydney Grigg married Coral Gray Michael Grigg married
Wendy Hutchison (divorced) married Lesley
Kim Grigg married Peter Holland (divorced)  
    Mark Grigg married Coral  
    David Grigg married Jacqueline Hampton Asha Zuleikha Grigg
    Michael Grigg  
    Morgan Grigg  
  John Grigg married Joan Collingwood Megan Grigg married Jonathan Aitken Jamini Aitken Grigg
    Lisa Grigg married Matthew ONeill Griffin Thomas O'Neill
      Rupert Jack O'Neill
  Geoffrey Paul Grigg married Gwenda Strauss

Rachael Danielle Grigg

married Simon Goyne

Acacia Goyne
      Samara Goyne
    Daniel Paul Grigg  
  Russell Grigg married
Kim Myer (divorced) married Kerry Murphy
William Grigg  
    Patrick Grigg  
    Brigid Grigg  
    Madeline Grigg  
  Elizabeth Grigg married Douglas Keith (divorced) married Sirda Baycan Dylan Keith  
    James Keith  
    Melika Baycan  
Sylvia May Grigg
married Owen Lewis O'Sullivan
Michael Lewis O'Sullivan (died)
married Sue Elizabeth Adam
Melissa O'Sullivan married Randall Nelson Brendan Michael Nelson
      Madeleine Patricia Nelson
    Clare Elizabeth O'Sullivan  
    Daniel Lewis O'Sullivan married Bernice McCarthy Timothy Lewis O'Sullivan
      Charlie Michael O'Sullivan
    Rebecca Louise O'Sullivan married David Andrew Jowett Ruby Elizabeth Jowett
      Lily May Jowett
    Katherine Anne (Kate) O'Sullivan Partner Mekaal Moriarty Hassan Gabriel Augustine O'Sullivan
      Jude Cassius O’Sullivan
      Reuben Isaac O'Sullivan
  Timothy Alan O'Sullivan (died) married Susan Verge married Adrian Meehan Anna Mary O'Sullivan married Paul Daniel Tehan William Charles Fitzroy Tehan
      Rose Mary Victoria Tehan
    Lucia Frances O'Sullivan married Mason O'Nei1l Mia Frances O'Neill
      Ava Lee O'Neill
    Eamon Aloysious O'Sullivan married Claire Hopper Maeve O'Sullivan
      Beth Ailish O'Sullivan
      Esther O'Sullivan
    Samuel James O'Sullivan married Phillipa May Brown Isabelle May O'Sullivan
      Thomas James O'Sullivan
    Gabriel Louise O'Sullivan  
    Ingrid Mariah O'Sullivan  
    Jonathan Darby O'Sullivan  
    Rory William O'Sullivan  
    Molly O'Sullivan  
  Brian David O'Sullivan (Died) marrried Kaye Buckley (died) Brigid O'Sullivan married Jonathon Torpey Daniel Francis Torpey
      Caitlin Mary Torpey
      Ned Phillip Torpey
    Patrick James O'Sullivan
married Peta -Jane Karlov
Jacqueline (Jackie) Mary O'Sullivan
      Oskar Michael James O'Sullivan
    Luke Bartholomew O'Sullivan married Christy Jones Olivia Kaye O'Sullivan
      Layla Louise O'Sullivan
  Frances Maria O'Sullivan (died) married Jondavid Patrick (divorced) married Mike Arthur Smith Aaron Odysseus Patrick married Kate Bain Hugo Paris Bain Patrick
      Clio Elizabeth Bain Patrick
    Ptolemy Adrian Owen Patrick  
    Ben O'Sullivan  
Elaine Grigg married William Morrison (Bill) Gillespie John William Gillespie married Jennifer Dudfield Amanda Gillespie married Bruce Apted Grace Amelia Apted
      Sienna Ruby Apted

Caroline Ann Gillespiemarried Trent Prince

Madeleine Kate Prince
      Mitchell John Prince
    Belinda Hope Gillespie married Tom Auldist Eliza Rose Auldist
      Isabel Sophie Auldist
      Mia Lucy Auldist

Kristy Lee Gillespie
Angus Ward

Ella Kate Ward
      Jack Angus Ward
  Judith Anne Gillespie married Denholm Bryce Douglas Brown Cameron James Brown
India Meeluka Brown
    Lachlan John Brown married Amy Jane Twite Thomas William Brown
      Alice May Brown
      Jack Thomas Brown
      Charlotte Lucy Brown

Brooke Louise Brownmarried Scott Sheehan

Eva Nell Sheehan
  Joan Elise Gillespie married Paul Duncalf Samara Jane Duncalf  

Johanna Ruth Duncalf married Jonathon Nicholas Sevdalis


Oscar William Sevdalis
Alan Edward Grigg married Rita Monaghan Maria Grigg married Phillip Jones

Claire Elizabeth Jonesmarried Grant Turner

Harry Mark Turner

      Billie Grace Turner
      Jack Alan Turner
    Kathryn Maree Jones
married Luke Quinton

Lewis Mark Quinton

      Charlie Daniel Quinton
    Mark Phillip Jones ( died )  
    Gabrielle Candice Jones  
  Virginia Grigg married Anthony (Tony) Ryan DanielAnthony Ryan
Married Jo
Mae Carol Ryan
    Andrew James Ryan  
    Emily Louise Ryan  
    Rachael Anna Ryan  
  Paul William Grigg married Jennifer (Jenny) Anne Mahoney Samuel Paul Grigg  
    Matthew Joseph Grigg  
    Timothy Kevin Grigg  
    Jessica Leigh Grigg  
  Simon Joseph Grigg married Karen Simons Thomas Joseph Grigg  
    Sarah Alyse Grigg  
    William Jacob Grigg  
    Jacob Edward Grigg  
    Molly Grace Grigg  
  Mark Alan Grigg    

Children of Ruby Jesse Cran and Mathew Urban Walch

Second Generation Third Generation Fourth Generation Fifth Generation
Neil Alex Walch married Una Mary King Marilyn Ann Walch married Simon Strauss Samantha Strauss  

Susannah Strauss

married Chris Morris


Emmeline Morris Strauss

  Peter James Walch married Meg Beaumont Grubb Tess Beaumont Walch  
    Michael Walch  
  Jeffrey Paul Walch married Fiona Guthrie Justin Neil Walch  
    Sean Paul Walch  
    Anna Louise Walch  
  Gregory Neil Walch married Nola Brace George William Brace Walch  
    Sacha Charlotte Walch  
    Scarlett Ambrosia Walch  
  Kathryn Margaret Walch married Arthur Naoumidis Alexander Naoumidis  
    Christopher Naoumidis  
    Anastasia Naoumidis  
Noreen Mary Walch married Roy Picone Jane Noreen Picone (Died) married Leslie (Les) Harold Cocks Naomi Jane Cocks  

Paul Anthony Cocks

married Jodi Leigh Mock

Zane Anthony Cocks
      Paris McKenzie Cocks
      Remi Louise Cocks
  Ian Charles Picone married Phyliss Harris (divorced)    
  Philip James Picone married Carmel Elizabeth Barber James Michael Picone  
    Nicholas Sam Picone  
  Alan Mathew Picone married Debra Lee Angliss

Mathew Alan Picone

married Lee Boswell

Dominic George
      Raphael Alan Picone
    Dylan Luke Picone  
  Judith Ann Picone married Terry Lonergan (died) partner of Ian Downes

Aaron Francis LonerganPartner

Mel Crowe


Frankie Ann Lonergan

    Jayden Ian Lonergan  
  Andrew John Picone married Leanne Torpey April Lee Picone  
    Louise Mary Picone  
    Ross Andrew Picone  
  David Roy Picone married Jacqueline Wheatley (divorced)    
  Barbara Joan Picone married Peter Damien Shannahan Jack Peter Shannahan  
    Rosie Debra Shannahan  
    Ruby Jessie Shannahan  
Mathew John Walch married Betty Vallance Shane Hugh Walch married Lee-ann Egan Lucy Kate Walch  
    Samuel Michael Walch  
    Megan Chloe Walch  

Bronwyn Walch

Desmond Hearny


Jessica Anne Hearny  
    Stacey Elizabeth Hearny  
    Benjamin Scott Hearny  

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