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Noreen Picone 3rd, 4th & 5th Generations

Second Generation Third Generation Fourth Generation
Jane Noreen Picone
married Leslie (Les) Harold Cocks
Naomi Jane Picone  
  Paul Anthony Picone
married Jodi Leigh Mock
Zane Anthony Cocks
    Paris McKenzie Cocks
    Remi Louise Cocks
Ian Charles Picone
married Phyliss Harris (divorced)
Philip James Picone 
married Carmel Elizabeth Barber
James Michael Picone  
  Nicholas Sam Picone  
Alan Mathew Picone
married Debra Lee Angliss
Mathew Alan Picone  
  Dylan Luke Picone  
Judith Ann Picone
married Terry Lonergan
(died) partner of Ian Downes
Aaron Francis Longergan  
  Jayden Ian Longergan  
Andrew John Picone
married Leanne Torpey
April Lee Picone  
  Louise Mary Picone  
  Ross Andrew Picone  
David Roy Picone
married Jacqueline Wheatley (divorced)
Barbara Joan Picone
married Peter Damien Shannahan
Jack Peter Shannahan  
  Rosie Debra Shannahan  
  Ruby Jessie Shannahan  

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