Welcome to the Grigg-Walch family tree

Welcome to the new design of the Grigg Walch Family Tree! A place where descendants of Ruby Cram can gather, share memories and keep abreast of family news and events.

Take a trip down memory lane and visit the Early Memories page. Each account tells the stories of the early days at Baring and were written in 1983 by members of the second generation. We’ve also collated Eulogies we’ve received over the years and these are a great tribute to passed family members.

Coming Events for 2019:

October 18 - 20:  Enjoy a weekend program of music, dance, bush tucker and sheep racing at the Patchewollock Music Festival.

October 19: The next Family Reunion will be at The Catholic Church at Patchewollock at  12 noon.

If you’re looking for accommodation for any Patchewollock events or would like a great weekend in the Mallee,  Pine Plains Lodge has some great accommodation options. 

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