Alan Grigg


Alan Edward Grigg
Born 10/01/20, Rainbow, Vic.
Died 30/03/05 Ouyen
Married 09/02/52, St. Josephs Church, Ouyen Vic.
Rita Monaghan

Early Memories-Alan
(Each member of the second generation alive in 1983 wrote their memories of the early days at Baring.)

Alan Edward Grigg Number 10 of the Grigg Family

I can only remember two things regarding our trip to Baring in a covered wagon (& or van) with Bob the driver.
That was camping overnight at a farm this side of Hopetoun owned by Alf Collins.
The other incident was riding our great pony "Trixi" . Though what I then thought was a very big sun-burnt country it was near Baring.
I had two bung eyes from flies, and I don't think I was very happy so the horse riding was a treat.

Another incident was in 1924-25,. The timber hut, which was our main shelter, built near the Baring North road opposite the farm where Neil now lives. There are still a couple of pine trees there.
We had hessian sleep-outs as bedrooms. Some one set fire to one of them (I think, Neil).

Sylvie was the oldest at the time and we set off to get the men. Sylvie was also the fastest and I can still recall Sylvie being in front of me and Neil being the same distance behind me.
The sleep out was completely destroyed by the time the men arrived home.

The only time that I saw Mum (and it was certainly the last that she was on a horse) was about 1930. "Norm Jamieson" had a wild bull - and it certainly was a crazed animal. Anyway this bull was with our cows, it was my job to get the cows in, but I would not go because of the bull- still can't work out why I wasn't made to go. Anyway I saddled the horse for Mum and off she went: brought the cow's home, locking the bull in another yard. She was a very capable horsewoman.

About the same time the State Governor Lord and Lady Somers made a tour of our district and Mum had the distinction of entertaining them for afternoon tea. Our instructions from me down were to disappear, which we certainly did.
In those days it was never the Lounge or Dinning room it was the Sitting room.

As already stated Mum always had beautiful table linen and good cutlery. I believe it all went off very well. There are still photos of Lord Somers on one of our haystacks turning sheaf's, so we must have been cutting hay.
Could write pages but I don't think it can be fitted in.
The Family tree has all our family etc.It has't dates which I like.
I think we should discuss further details at the next reunion.

Other items
Going into one of our hessian sleep-outs and finding a big goanna lying across Noreen.
Saturday night "Tub Night" everyone using the same bath water- this went on for a long time. The family couldn't stand it.
Sylvia, Alan, Neil and Noreen (60 years this year) living at Baring and Patchewollock.

The real lack of money.
Neil,Matt and myself, Sylvie and Elaine would be the same. We got 10 shillings when we went out, right up until the war. Mum brought everything that we needed. We were quite satisfied, or I was.
Being told the day the house burnt down in Rainbow in 1923 being taken out of bed watching the fire and then deciding to go back to bed, creating a mild panic when I couldn't be found.

(Personally I think the last memory of Alan is a lot of "Bull" Alan was born January 1920- the fire was November 1923 - I was 10+ 6 months-Alan had not turned 3 years of age. Nothing convinces me that anyone can remember what happened when they were less than 3 years old Tom)

Alan and Rita Grigg

1955 Family Reunion


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