Early Memories Sylvia May Grigg

Sylvia Grigg

Born 20/03/16, Rainbow, Vic.
Died 04/10/01, Ouyen, Vic Married 18/10/38, Hopetoun, Vic
Owen Lewis O'Sullivan


Early Memories-Sylvia
(Each member of the second generation alive in 1983 wrote their memories of the early days at Baring.)
Sylvia May Grigg (O"Sullivan)

The first girl after 7 boys
I don't think I was spoilt, but fortunately Elaine was born fourteen months after me, so we were very close always. I do know we did a lot of waiting on our brothers as we were growing up.
Noreen was seven years after me, so I think she got the spoiling.

Where will I start
First on Mum. She was truly a wonderful woman. Didn't have an easy life in more ways than one. Although we didn't have much money, I never remember us going without. Mum was a wonderful cook and made all of our clothes. She taught Elaine and I how to make our dresses as we got older. When I left school at fourteen I stayed home and helped Mum as there was always several of the boys at home and plenty to do on the farm.

Elaine and Noreen both went nursing but that wasn't for me. I did have several jobs in Melbourne before I got married but as I was unskilled it wasn't easy for me.

I was only seven when the family shifted up to Baring, but I can still remember the journey up in the covered van, Mum and seven kids with Bob driving us. I suppose it was a big adventure to us kids. We only had tents to live in until our house was built. Just imagine how hard it must have been for our Mother, cooking out in the open with a camp overn I can't recall much about living in Rainbow, but I do remember the house being burnt down, and we children were shoved around to stay with various people.

I spent a lot of time in Murtoa with Grandma Cram and Aunt Sylv. They were wonderful women. I had a lot of sickness and they cared for me. I also spent months off school, as I had to see Doctors, and it was too far away in Baring.

I would have been nine or ten then, as I wasn't home when Matty was born. I don't remember my father at all as I was only three when he died, but I did know Uncle Jim Grigg and his family who lived in Melbourne. Whilst I was working there I used to visit them every weekend. Aunt Sadie and Maisie were so kind and good to me. I was down there when both Aunt Sadie and Uncle Jim died.

I married Jack O'Sullivan in October 1939 in Hopetoun, and then went to live at Pine Plains. There were four Children to our marriage.
Michael, born 1940. He married Sue Adam, they have 5 children. Timothy, born 1942, he married Susan Verge, they have eight children. Brian, born 1943, he married Kaye Buckley, they have three children and last came my only daughter, Frances, she married Jon Patrick, and they have three children.

We shifted to Patchewollock to live when the children were old enough to go to school. A bit different today with all their school buses. Over all, I have had a very happy life, and never really wanted for anything. It was a very sad when our mother died. Although she was ninety-one years old, she was always there when wanted. I missed her so much as I lived at home most of my single years, and then when she and father moved into Patchewollock (when Matty was married) they lived next door to me, so I was seeing her everyday.

I could go on and on but I think I had better stop now.
(I always did want to write a book)

Sylvia and Johnny O'Sullivan


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